Look back at 2017

Most of my Image’s from 2017

As we say goodbye to 2017 its a chance to reflect and see the progress we’ve made.
Here is the bulk of my work through the year, most of these Images I love, some I’m not so keen on and quite a few that will never be seen because they didn’t work at all.
There are some Images I’ve yet to post about and some I’ve yet to finish creating.It is Important to see what worked well and what didn’t.

This time last year I had only a small number of Images that represented the direction I wanted to be heading in .
So This time last year was when my way of working changed in a number of ways…

  1. Cut the number of shoots and gave longer between shoots
  2. Cut the number of Images for each shoot
  3. Pre-conceptulized most of my Images and stick to working on my own visions and ways of creating
  4. Take the time needed for editing (no rushing to get them finished) so that Images were of quality I wanted to produce

Once this was implemented the work produced was where I wanted to be heading, because this meant I was able to be more creative with what little free time there is.

Now this may not seem a lot of Images to some of you, but when you take into account that I am a single working Mum with little free time, you will see that being in control of what I do in that time has benefited greatly, after all I am a creative soul and we are never very good with being organised now are we 🙂

If you was to ask what my favourite was there wouldn’t be an answer as there is so many I love for different reasons, but here is a few of those I do love and the reasons why……

Demons Within

This Image was never meant to be, well not how it ended up anyway. The face and hands were meant to be coming out of the wall, but this is one of those Images that just grew naturally as it was created and now I cant Imagine it any  other way.

Having been in very dark places,I have a very strong connection to what this Image represents and It reminds me to look for beauty in those dark places.

Sisters Reborn

This Image for me represents women coming together and empowering each other. This is something I feel strongly about and wanted to show it visually, as well as encourage this.


This Image has been one of my toughest challenges so far. Taking a whopping 2 full days to edit and that’s not including the time to shoot it with the model and all the prep involved with HMAU.

This Image is a favourite simply because it was an Idea that totally evolved into the stuff dreams are made of. It’s that place you go to when you daydream; The place full of wonder and fairy tales; The place where you want all those crazy adventures and never want to leave, even when the main character scares you quite a lot.

Out In The Cold

This is a more recent Image. The name kind of says it all but if you take the time to really look, not only do you see her being alone, left out in the cold, hanging by a thread….
But you may also see, a gift being delivered, a precious life being returned or maybe even someone being saved from a very cold ending. The list goes on and this is why I love this picture, it is not just one story but many if you look hard enough.

So now the question is what will 2018 look like?? What changes will you be making for your passion??

Happy new year to you all!!! I hope you have amazing adventures,I would love to hear about your favourite Images, biggest achievements or even your New Years Resolutions.

Leave your comments and links below so others can find you…..

2 Comments to “ Look back at 2017”

  1. Tony Estcourt says :Reply

    I would like to do more with my work to exhibit etc, also try to take some new subjects.

    1. Michelle Mackie says :Reply

      Hey Tony, These are also things on my list.Good luck for 2018

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