Being a creative soul doesn’t always come easy, there are times when I have to shut the outside world out, shut all the noise out, close my eyes to all the chaos around me.

There are times when thoughts are scattered, the mind is so busy it becomes messy and confusing, the light seems brighter and noise is louder, yet silence is deafening, darkness seems chaotic and emotions are quite frankly all over the place.

Pulling yourself out of the darkness isn’t always easy and sometimes it takes longer than others.

I have suffered from Anxiety and depression since I was a child and have managed it quite well over the years, traumatic events have contributed to the spiral effect and there has been quite a few, however I write this because It does not define me.

You see all these experiences and feelings is where I find most of my inspiration,If I can pull something from all that I feel in those times and make people feel, and I mean feel anything about what I create it makes it all the more satisfying and fulfilling.

There is so much stigma involved regarding mental health issues, so many suffer in silence because the fear of a label, it can be too much to bear.

Be brave and be bold, you are not alone even when you push the world out, embrace every bit of yourself and turn the dark into light.

Sending Love and light to you all as well as creative encouragement xx

Where does your inspiration come from ?? 


anyone who suffers or family and loved ones who need a better understanding Im leaving a link here 



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