Artist Statement

Michelle Mackie – Also known as Dolly, is a self-taught photographer, digital artist, and visual storyteller. With these tools, Michelle has recreated forgotten joys and life’s loves.

Having struggled with dyslexia, Michelle found that pictures, rather than reading, always seemed to inspire and ignite her imagination.

What began as a hobby and an escape for this busy working mom soon evolved into much more. In 2014, Michelle was invited to exhibit her work in a local gallery. This opportunity encouraged her to further develop her skills and passion, leading to the discovery of her unique style.

By combining the power of nightmares and the magic of fairy tales, Michelle presents her inner self; her memories, fears, and dreams, in an art form that can provoke powerful emotions and connect with people in ways she never imagined.

Every piece of art is pre-conceptualized, and the actual creation only begins after thorough planning. This process includes sourcing materials, scouting locations, and photographing models in real time. Michelle uses her own photography and meticulously stitches multiple images together, as well as digitally painting and texturizing. In these later stages, her work takes on a life of its own, enriched with surreal color tones and powerful symbolism.

Michelle’s work has been described as ethereal and fairy-tale-like, capturing the imagination through her masterful storytelling.

Michelle uses her creative streak to find beauty in dark places.

“I’m forever daydreaming, and I get to create some of what goes on in my busy little head for all to see.”

Michelle is a published artist whose distinctive work is now showcased across the UK and Europe, with her current representation by Wishbone Publishing broadening her reach to an international audience.