Artist Statement

Michelle Mackie Photography


Michelle Mackie also known as Dolly is a self-taught photographer, digital artist and visual story teller. It is with these tools that Michelle has been able to explore her own psyche, recreating forgotten joys and life’s loves, whilst vanquishing past tragedies and trauma.

What started off as a hobby and an escape of sorts for this busy working mum soon became much more. In 2014 Michelle was asked to exhibit her work in a local gallery, It was this that forged her on to build her skills and passion, which lead to finding her own unique style.

By combining the power of nightmares and the magic of fairytales Michelle presents her inner-self; her memories, fears and dreams in an art form that can provoke powerful emotions and connect with people in ways she never Imagined.

Before considering reaching for her camera, every project is meticulously pre-conceptualized, and only when the piece is thoroughly planned does the work begin.

A location is sourced, and a model chosen, props are chosen to give extra symbolism within the work, wardrobe is picked and angels from which shots need taken are already written down in one of her many note pads. Once Michelle has all she needs its time to get creative digitally, stitching photo’s together using layers and layer mask’s, before getting to work on her textures and colour pallet that give that extra surreal tones.

Michelle uses her creative streak to find beauty in dark place’s.

“I’m forever daydreaming, and I get to create some of what goes on in my busy little head for all to see”